Celebrating the ladies of Lancewood with Somikazi Zulu



Raised in a small village in the Eastern Cape, Somikazi Zulu made headlines last year when she baked her way to the LANCEWOOD Cake-Off® finale, winning plenty of fans along the way.

A single mom and passionate part-time baker, Somikazi is no stranger to challenges, often having to travel some distance to find her favourite ingredients to assemble her confectionary creations.

Somikazi credits much of her culinary skill to her mom and grandmother who raised her and whose influences can be seen in all her signature dishes.

In honour of Women’s Month, we’re celebrating some of Somikazi’s favourite recipes and the stories behind them. And we’re encouraging you to do the same - to share your amazing meals and dishes and the special woman in your life that inspired them. So be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to WIN some amazing prizes this month.

Here are some of Somikazi’s favourite dishes, inspired by her mother and grandmother, which we’ve recreated to share with you:

Breakfast Trifle

"This recipe reminds me of my late grandmother, who raised me until I was 10. When I was growing up, we had a lot of fruit in our garden, and my grandmother would always make sure I ate my porridge, followed by fruit. So I decided to add a twist to my childhood breakfast, and this delicious Breakfast Trifle is the end result."

Find the full recipe here.

Beetroot & Berry Smoothie

"My grandmother used to insist on us eating plenty of vegetables, so today I keep that tradition alive, but in different, more interesting ways. As a child I was rewarded with sweets when I finished my vegetables, but now I combine the two with recipes like this, which is both healthy and delicious."

Find the full recipe here.

Mam Pumla’s Honey & Mustard Chicken

"I used to watch Mum Pumla making this recipe and wondered what would happen if I made it even richer, so I decided to add LANCEWOOD® Cream Cheese and the result was amazing. When my mom and I cook together, we contest over what to add to our recipes as I’m the curious cook, always looking for ways to enhance the originals."

Find the full recipe here.

Pumpkin Cake

"When I was growing up, I hated eating pumpkin. But knowing what is best, my grandmother wouldn’t take no for an answer and encouraged me to eat my veggies. Today, I prefer them in my cake – this pumpkin cake is an absolute must for anyone who needs a reason to finish their vegetables."

Find the full recipe here.


Discover the recipe that got everyone talking about Somikazi at last year’s Cake-Off®. This Black Velvet Oreo Cake is a crowd-pleasing show-stopper that you simply have to try. 

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