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Back to School Snacks

Back to School Snacks Lunchbox Inspiration

Make the back-to-school season a breeze thanks to LANCEWOOD®'s award-winning range of lunchbox-friendly products, guaranteed to turn those post-holiday blues around. Whether you're looking to spoil your loved ones or keep their lunchtime menus delicious and nutritious, we've got you covered with a wide variety of lunchbox ideas designed to take the hassle out of lunchbox prep.

3 for 3 with LANCEWOOD® Yoghurt

3-for-3 with LANCEWOOD® Yoghurt

When it comes to adding a winning touch to your little ones' lunchboxes, you can't go wrong with our award-winning Yoghurt range. Mix them up using these 3 ways to pack 3 different lunchboxes. Pop in a Double Cream Vanilla Multipack Yoghurt, or simply spoon some of their favourite yoghurt into a container to enjoy along with a selection of fruits, muesli and snacks. Our delicious Drinking Yoghurt also makes an ideal companion to any kind of sweet or savoury lunchbox.

5 different lunchboxes for the kids using 5 products

5 different lunchboxes for the kids using 5 products

Thanks to our extensive range of delicious products, you never have to pack the same lunchbox twice. Here is 5 easy ways using 5 products. Use our delicious Gouda Slices to create pinwheels, or pair up their favourite Cottage Cheese with some healthy snacks for a protein-packed lunch break. Our delicious Cheddar makes the ideal addition to sarmies, mini burgers or sandwich kebabs, whilst our versatile Yoghurt range is packed with both nutrients and flavour.

3 for 3 challenge with Cottage Cheese

3-for-3 Lunchbox challenge with Cottage Cheese

Get the most out of our delicious Low Fat Chunky Chives Cottage Cheese with our 3-for-3 Lunchbox Challenge. 3 delicious ways to pack 3 different lunchboxes for yourself and your partner. Low on fat but not on flavour, our award-winning Cottage Cheese is perfect for adding a delicious protein boost to your lunchbox, beating the midday slump by keeping you fuller for longer.

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