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Serves / Makes

Cooking Time:

< 15 min

Cooking Style:



75 ml cake flour
30 ml hot chocolate powder
15 ml cocoa powder
15 ml chocolate chips
15 ml sugar
2.5 ml baking powder
A pinch of salt
30 ml butter, melted
60 ml milk

To serve:
15 – 30 ml Baileys or Amarula to taste
LANCEWOOD® Mascarpone
60 ml mini marshmallows
Chocolate shavings (optional)
Chocolate sauce (optional)


Use a large coffee mug and mix the flour, hot chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar, baking powder and salt together until well combined.

Using a separate mug, whisk the butter and milk together. Add to the flour mixture and mix until well combined and lump free.

The cup must not be more than half full. Place in a microwave and cook for 90 seconds or until the top is no longer runny and just slightly sticky. Cooking times may vary due to microwave power. Cook in 30 second intervals until cooked through.

To serve:
Top with Baileys or Amarula, Mascarpone, mini marshmallows and optional chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce. Enjoy!

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