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2 x 230g LANCEWOOD® Medium Fat Cream Cheese Plain
60ml castor sugar
5ml vanilla essence
100g almonds, chopped
100g mixed citrus peel
80g dark chocolate, grated
250ml cream, whipped
100g chocolate and almond or hazelnut
biscotti, or chocolate biscuits, crushed

To finish:
Extra grated chocolate for sprinkling
Grated mixed citrus zest


Mix cream cheese, castor sugar and vanilla essence. Mix almonds, mixed citrus peel and grated dark chocolate. Add to cream cheese mixture. Mix until well combined. Mix in whipped cream little by little. Spoon into loaf pan lined with cling film. Sprinkle biscotti or biscuit crumbs over and press lightly into mixture using back of a spoon. Freeze until solid. Turn out onto serving plate.

To finish:
Sprinkle with grated chocolate and freshly grated citrus zest.

White chocolate, cranberry and pecan nut variation:
Use white chocolate instead of dark chocolate, 100g dried cranberries insteadof mixed citrus peel, 100g chopped pecan nuts instead of almonds and 100g of shortbread instead of chocolate and almond biscotti or chocolate biscuits. Cut into slices and serve with chocolate curls and fresh berries.

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Medium Fat Cream Cheese FSI

Medium Fat Cream Cheese FSI

Medium Fat Plain Cream Cheese

Medium Fat Plain Cream Cheese