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Cooking Time:

< 30 min

Cooking Style:



500 ml water
30 ml butter
2.5 ml salt
250ml maize meal
125 g LANCEWOOD® Mozzarella, grated
40 g piece salami or chorizo, cut into 8 cubes
2 eggs, beaten
180 ml flour
Oil for deep frying


Bring the water, butter and salt to the boil.  Add the maize meal.  Do not stir.  Cover and lower the heat to the lowest setting.  Leave for 10 minutes.  Stir with a fork, cover and cook over low heat for 10 more minutes.  Leave to cool.  Mould the grated cheese firmly around the salami cubes.  Mould the pap around the salami and cheese cubes.  Dip the balls into the egg and then into the flour.  Deep fry until golden.  Drain on absorbent paper.  Serve immediately.  Delicious with tomato and onion relish or salsa. 

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Mozzarella FSI

Mozzarella FSI